The driver and front passenger seats should be secure while all backseats must be securable in an upright position.


All lights should be the correct colour, in good condition, operate properly and be securely attached to the vehicle. Headlamp aim will also be checked.


Should be in good condition and not obscure a driver’s view.


Must work and be of a legal type.

Vehicle Structure

A vehicle should not have sharp edges and the chassis should not be badly corroded or damaged.


Must perform properly when put through an efficiency test, which will evaluate their condition. Wheels will stay on while they are tested.

Exhaust System

Must be secure and complete, silence effectively and not have major leakage.

Wheels and Tyres

Tread depth, tyre size and type must be legal. General condition and how securely they are attached to the vehicle will also be inspected.

Exhaust Emissions

A vehicle cannot violate legal limits on exhaust emissions. The limit takes into account the car’s age and the fuel type it uses.

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