3 Factors that Affects Car Body Repair Estimates

Is your car damaged due to collisions or accidents? Auto body repairs range from fixing small scratches to completely replacing different parts. The repair costs of the same vary depending on the amount of damage that has been done to the body of your car. As soon as your car incurs damage, take the same to the nearest garage repair services. Professionals offering car body repairs near Box Hill offer the best estimates for car body repairs.

However, a few factors play an important role in determining the cost of the damages that have been done to the body of the car. To know more, read on.

Type of car body damage

While car damage can occur anywhere and at any time, it depends on your car and the extent of damage you’ve incurred. Some of the common auto body damages that the auto shops encounter are as follows:

  • Damage caused to the front or rear bumper of the car
  • Damage caused to the doors and window panes of the car
  • Damage caused or broken windshield
  • Scratches, dents or paint removals from the body of the car

What factors determine the car body repair costs?

The car body damage repair costs will vary from dealer to dealer. Hence, you should get an average quote from the dealers and determine the price effectively.

Make and model of the car

If you’re a Mercedes, then the cost of body repair will be higher compared to a normal ranging car. Depending on the make, model and the brand of the car, the prices for the same keeps on changing. Luxury cars of all makes and models will incur more repair charges than the non-luxurious range of cars.

Type of damage incurred

If the damage leads to replacing the parts, then the same will cost more. On the contrary, if your car has sustained a minor scratch or small dent, then the cost for the same will be less. The garage will charge you depending on the extent of your damage.

Nature of repair shop

Depending on where you’re planning to take your car, the rates will vary. If you take the car to a dealer, the rates might be higher than the rates offered by the mobile service or independent car body shop.

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