3 Most Crucial Maintenance Items Your Car Has

Your car needs regular and proper maintenance to be safe and road-ready. The superior functionality of a vehicle depends on its maintenance. This is why you should never miss your schedule for car service.

However, modern cars are specially designed and developed to avoid minimal maintenance issues. They are strong enough to withstand regular wear and tear easily. Hence, these modern models do not ask for as much attention from you as they did 40 years ago.

But, there are still some areas or items in your car that demand regular, careful and thorough maintenance throughout the year.

What Parts of Your Car Need Serious Maintenance?

Car Air Filter

A clogged air filter is a severe problem for the engine of your vehicle. If it gets clogged, your engine cannot breathe in and breathe out properly. This would have a major impact on the performance of the engine and the overall efficiency and safety of the car. Apart from that, a clogged air filter reduces the gas mileage and the horsepower of your car. Thus, regular maintenance of your air filter is necessary, and you should not miss it.


If you compare your car with a human body, then the oil will become the blood flowing inside the same. Impure blood can cause serious health issues and becomes life-threatening for many. Similarly, you need to keep changing the oil of your car to avoid impurity and ensure the safety of the vehicle. There are several things that can contaminate your car oil. The heat from car engines also has an adverse impact on car oil. You should consult your car manufacturer’s manual for better and safe oil changing.

Brake Pads

This one is a very crucial item of your car that needs proper maintenance at a regular interval. However, crucial does not mean complex. You can handle the brake pad maintenance matter on your own if you think you do not have time to go to the garage for car servicing. It depends on your driving style that how long you should use a brake pad, and how often you need to change it.

All these items need regular maintenance. It would be great to call out for professional assistance for all these car parts maintenance and servicing. Even if you cannot do it right now, you should follow the User Manual given and try it on your own.

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