4 Common Car Maintenance Mistakes You Must Avoid

Car is one of the expensive passions that you have. You should not neglect its health. This is important not only for the long life of your car but also for the safety of yours when you drive or ride the car. A well-maintained car ensures a good and safe ride. On the other hand, a car which is not regularly maintained can have severe issues on the road.

However, there are a few things that you need to check in your car as the owner before you take it to a garage for car service. There are some maintenance mistakes that most of the car owners make in their daily car care routine. If they know about these mistakes and stop making them anymore, then they can easily increase the lifespan of their vehicle.

Mistakes that Can Cost High

Not Checking the Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure is not just important to avoid the issue of a flat tyre. It is indeed a valid and vital reason, but you need to check the tyre pressure to make your car fuel-friendly. Flat tyre makes your car consume more fuel. On the other hand, if the tyres have proper pressure, the fuel intake will be under control.

Ignoring Oil Checking

If your car is a new one, you may not need to change the oil frequently, but as the years’ pass, you must be careful about it. Not checking the car oil or ignoring the matter can be dangerous for the efficiency and safety of your car.

Failing to Check the Brakes

If you drive your car regularly and fail to check or inspect the brakes, then you must be prepared for the consequences. Though it is a bit expensive to change the brake pads, if you leave it for a long time, then you may need to spend more money to repair the car. When you start hearing a weird noise coming out from your brakes, make sure you check it.

Missing the Routine Car Servicing

Not taking your car for routine car servicing or missing the servicing schedule is another big mistake that you must avoid. Call the experts of car service in Dorking and let them have a thorough checking of the car.

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