How Do Car Repair Experts Fix Bumper Scratches?

Every car undergoes certain damage after usage. Bumper scratches are one of them. These scratches aren’t a serious issue but can ruin the appearance of your car. They make the car look worn out. If you want to sell the car with these scratches, you won’t get a good resale value. So, before selling your car, a good option will be to call a professional to fix these scratches. Usually, experts providing car servicing in Dorking perform a series of steps to address these bumper scratches.

Which Tools Professionals Use to Fix Bumper Scratches?

Experienced car repair experts have access to a diverse range of tools. They use the following accessories to fix bumper scratches in a car:

  1. Spray primer
  2. Spray paint
  3. Scuff pad
  4. Grease remover
  5. Scratch-full putty
  6. Fine sandpaper sheets

What are the Steps Involved in Fixing Bumper Scratches?

If you want to fix bumper scuffs from your vehicle, you need to adopt certain strategies. However, you can also resort to a car service professional to do the job. The car repair professionals conduct these steps to eliminate bumper scratches:

  1. Use sandpaper to buff out the scratch: Initially, the experts wet the sandpaper and sand the scratch out. This is done gently. They perform this process until the scratch isn’t visible. If you don’t have access to sandpaper, you can use toothpaste to buff out the scratch. It functions the same as sandpaper and polishes the scratched surface.
  2. Wipe the surface: Now, car repair professionals use a microfibre cloth to eliminate any dirt or debris.
  3. Apply the compound: Thereafter, the compound is applied using the polishing pad. The professionals smear the compound all over the scratched area.
  4. Polish: It is the last step of the bumper scuff removal process. The experts use a drill to polish the surface. This method continues until the surface becomes moderately hazy.

What Should You Remember After Fixing the Bumper Scratches?

After removing the scratches from the bumper, you should incorporate safety measures to avoid this happening in the near future:

  1. Clean and polish the vehicle regularly
  2. Don’t wash the newly applied paint with water for 4-6 weeks
  3. Avoid aggressive cleaning methods like high-pressure washes

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