How to Maintain Your Car’s Body: Keep the Shine Intact

A car needs to be perfect from within and from the outside as well. The inner parts of the vehicle determine its functionality and performances. On the other hand, the car’s body reflects its aesthetics which is equally important for a buyer and an owner as well.

Hence, it is important to know how to maintain your car’s body. Before you look for car body repairs in Leatherhead, you should know a few car body maintenance tips that you can follow on your own.

Tips for Car Body Maintenance

Keep It Clean: Make a habit of keeping your car body neat and clean all the time. Never miss the car cleaning schedule at your local garage. If you cannot take it to the garage, try to use good quality car cleaning products to give it a nice wash. Your car deserves a good wash at least once a month.

Know the Best Time to Clean: Cleaning a car body when it is hot is not advisable. You should wait to get the body cool down. The chemicals used in your car cleaning product will not be highly effective when the body is hot. You need to let it cool. Hence, do not start cleaning the car when standing outside in scorching heat for a long time or just after a long journey.

Check Out for Dents and Spots: Even if you cannot check your car body daily for spots and dents, take a little time at weekends for this. Inspect your car body carefully to check if there is any tiny spot, dent or discolouration happen to the body. You should book an appointment with your garage or car servicing expert to remove that dent and spot.

Use Car Cover: Even if you have a nice garage at home and always keep your car inside when not in use, your vehicle can have spots and stains on it. Hence, it is better to use a car cover when you are not using the car for a longer period.

Don’t Ignore the Stains: Bird droppings and other elements can cause severe damage to the car paint if you let them be on your car for a longer period. So, do not ignore those elements and get rid of them as soon as you notice.

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