Tips on Choosing a Garage for Your Next MOT and Other Servicing

MOT is the compulsory annual testing of motor vehicles to ensure safety as well as the functionality and efficiency of all the parts of your car. Cars that passed the Ministry of Transport or MOT test has a high value in the resell market. It is necessary to choose the right garage for MOT testing so that you can have a reliable result.

Choosing a suitable garage for MOT and all other types of servicing of your car is not easy. This cannot be done in any road-side garage or by an inexperienced and unskilled mechanic that offer general car body repairs in Leatherhead. The entire procedure demands vast knowledge, experience, skill and efficiency.

What to Check in a Garage for MOT Testing

Approved MOT Testing Station

Ensure that the garage is a government-approved MOT testing centre. You may find garages that have all the tools and skilled mechanics to perform MOT, but if they are not the government-approved service providers, then their testing result will not be granted when you wish to sell your vehicle.

Services they Include

Check the services they include in their MOT testing. MOT testing means a complete and thorough examination of every single part of your vehicle including the lights, engine, batteries, seats, horn, lights, tyres and the exterior part of the car as well. If the garage is denying to include any of these to their MOT testing service, then you should consider hiring something else.

The skill of the Mechanics

Before you take your vehicle to a garage for MOT and other servicing, you should be aware of the skill of the mechanics who will handle the car. Ask them to show their certification and license. You can also check them working by visiting the garage before taking your car to that place. This will help you to get a practical view of their expertise, and you can decide easily.

Additional Services

A qualified and experienced car repair centre will always be ready to offer multiple services to their clients to match their diverse requirements. Look for the additional services they offer when you go there for MOT testing. Are they available for an accident repair or the general Car Body Repairs in Leatherhead? Can they be called for road-side assistance? Or are they available for emergency car repair?

At MT Motors, we have the best team of car mechanics who are experts in the MOT test. We offer a complete solution for your MOT testing. Please give us a call to know in details.

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