Common Questions about Car Body Repair Asked by the Customers

The car is one of the most valuable possessions of an individual. So they would require keeping it in the best possible shape. However, sometimes, the vehicle might fall under some damage due to some unavoidable incidents. They need to visit a garage to mend the problems in situations like these.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Repairs:

There are many car owners who might not have visited a car repair before. It is a new experience for them, and they may have a lot of questions regarding the car body repair process. The common questions regarding car body repairs near Dorking are discussed in this blog.

  • Do I need an appointment for a car repair?

Though car repair works do not need a prior appointment, one may opt to book it for faster service. Many car repair service offer slot booking via calling. One can also get an estimated cost of repair by contacting them.

  • Do You Use After-market Parts for Repair?

The insurance company generally has the last say in using the repair parts for fixing the vehicles. The garage can use a used car part only after getting a nod from the insurance company. However, the garage might not use the parts prescribed by the insurance company if it doesn’t meet their quality standards.

  • How Long will the Process Take?

Frankly, the answer to this question cannot be clear-cut. The damaged car has to go through a number of procedures before it can be used again. Generally, the body repair work requires a few days. If the car has some system damage, the repair can take more time than expected. The processes include painting, reassembling and fixing, which take the most time.

  • Can I Count on the Safety of My Car During Repair?

A professional garage consists of experts in car damage repair, which means they have years of experience in this field. So the car owner can be assured that they won’t incur any other damage to their vehicle. The car repairer follows certain protocols to mend the car’s body damage.

These are some frequently asked questions about car body repairs that the customers ask. If one needs assistance from a professional, they can contact MT Motors Bodyshop and Mechanical Repairs. We are one of the trusted sources for car body repairs near Dorking. No matter the damage, you can expect speedy recovery work from our end. For more details, visit our website today.

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