Things to Know before Choosing Car Servicing for Your Vehicle

Annual car servicing is important if you truly care for its wellbeing. What servicing does to a vehicle is similar to what detoxifying does to our body. Considering its importance, you should always look for a renowned company that offers professional car servicing in Dorking and ensures consistent vehicle performance.

Though many of us aren’t much aware of the things included in car servicing, it’s crucial to understand the basics before taking it to the car mechanic. As experts recommend, you should get your vehicle serviced once a year. However, it is important to avail major services for every 30000-45000 km and minor services for every 10000-15000 km based on your vehicle’s model, make, mechanic’s advice, and how well it has been run.

Following here, we will discuss the different types of services.

Manufacturer’s service

Manufacturer’s service is the most expensive and comprehensive service for your vehicle, which will include inspection of all components, maintenance, and servicing. The extensive range of services will include:

  • Brake fluid top-up and check
  • Full brake check
  • Check and replacement of oil and oil filter
  • Windscreen wash top-up and check
  • Anti-freeze coolant top-up and check
  • Steering check
  • Power steering fluid top-up and check
  • Shock absorbers check, and much more.

Major services

Major services include all the aspects of vehicle servicing and a few additional aspects such as change of spark plugs, fuel filters, and other items/services as stated by the manufacturer. However, it won’t include any additional repair or maintenance work.

Basic services

If you want to avail basic services, the mechanic will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle, including oil and filter change, and critical fluids such as brake fluid, steering fluid, washer fluid, etc. He will do a check-up of around 35 components. Moreover, he will check the brakes and tyres of the vehicle as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. And if you require any additional repairs or fixes, the charges will not be included.

Full services

In full services, 15-30 more components are checked compared to the basic servicing. However, the charges for any additional repair won’t be included in the same.

The final words

Maintaining your car’s performance is a serious task, and you mustn’t consider it lightly. Reaching out to the car servicing and maintenance experts will help you ensure that all the components of your vehicle are being inspected and fixed to function at their best.

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