How Often Your Car Needs Servicing?

We all know that car servicing is essential. It is crucial for keeping the car in good condition and ensures its safety. However, car owners often miss one thing to ask their car servicing experts.

How often does their car need servicing? What should be the gap period between two consecutive servicing dates?

Usually, there are several factors that work behind this.

  • The age of your car
  • The make and model of the vehicle
  • The type of use (commercial or personal)
  • The type of ride it generally has (normal or extreme)

Your car service expert in Leatherhead will check and consider all these matters while determining how often you should bring the car to them for servicing.

Follow the Maintenance Reminder System

All the top-level latest cars have an in-build maintenance reminder system. This system makes mileage-based maintenance schedules obsolete. The in-vehicle maintenance reminder technique considers a number of car operations to create a schedule and send you the alert. You can get the alert on the dash of the car whenever that system finds your engine or brake should have a servicing. The alert can be made for fluid level checks and tyre checks or other car component inspections as well.

For modern cars, it is recommended to take the car for regular maintenance after every 12 months or 3,000 miles.

Mileage-Based Car Maintenance

If you are still driving an older model, you should rely on the mileage-based car maintenance system. This is divided into two categories. One is for cars that are driven in “normal” conditions, and the other is for cars driven in “severe” conditions.

Finding the Right Auto Servicing Centre

No matter whether your car’s dashboard is indicating you the maintenance schedule or it is the mileage of the car that giving you the sign – you need to take your car to a reliable car servicing centre for the best result.

MT Motors can be your best place for all types of car body repairs in Leatherhead. We offer a wide range of car servicing and repairs for different types of vehicles.

Please get in touch with us to know all the details.

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