Some Amazing Tyre Care Tips: How to Improve Your Car Tyres’ Life

Your car is a combined metal body that contains various parts and machines. The tyres are one of them. Like the engine, breaks or batteries of your car, you should take care of your car tyres to ensure their long life. This is highly required to ensure the safety and efficiency of your vehicle.

Whenever you go for car servicing in Surrey, your garage specialist will check the tyres and ensure they are all in good condition. However, as the car owner, you should also know how to take good care of car tyres to avoid accidents and obtain complete efficiency.

How to Maintain Your Tyres?

  • Follow the Manuals

Every tyre manufacturer has specific instructions for the users regarding their products. You should follow the manual or maintenance guide book which you get with the product. That book should have enough information or instructions about how you should handle your tyres.

  • Check Them for Wear

It is essential to check your tyres for wear after reaching 1.6mm remaining in tread depth. Here also you should follow the “trade wear indicator” marked by the manufacturer. This will help you monitor your tyre’s regular wear and take the necessary steps if things are getting riskier.

  • Check the Pressure

Checking proper inflation pressure is highly essential to maintain the balance in the tyre. It will ensure the best tyre performance when it has the right pressure. At the same time, it will improve efficiency and save on fuel. You can use an accurate tyre pressure gauge to check the pressure at least once a month.

  • Avoid Excessive Spinning

As a responsible car owner, you should always avoid excessive tyre spinning. We all understand that there are times when you have to spin your tyres, but that should not be a regular habit. This can have a bad impact on your tyres’ life and will reduce their safety features.

If you think that your car tyres need expert service, take them to the specialists. You can take your car to the nearest garage for regular servicing.

MT Motors can be that garage for you. Here we offer a wide range of car servicing. From car body repairs to MOT arrange – you can hire our experts for several types of works that will ensure safety, efficient performance and long life for your car.

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