Know The Car Parts Replaced During Car Servicing In Dorking

Since a car always operates under stress, you need to service them at fixed intervals. If you feel that the performance of your vehicle has deteriorated with the passage of time, take it to a reliable car servicing centre. They have experienced automotive engineers who will assess its condition minutely and let you know whether any of its parts require replacement. Each component is put under rigorous tests to ensure that they are working well together. This helps in creating an efficient, reliable and safe vehicle.

The easiest way to prevent any sort of component failure is by following the scheduled service tasks recommended by the manufacturer. Though, there are a few instances when the components fail quicker than the time recommended by the manufacturer. Few of the serviceable items are the car parts, fluids and tasks. The focus of your car engineer is always on making your car run at its best. The faulty car parts are replaced to increase your vehicle’s efficiency during car servicing in Dorking.

4 Car Parts Generally Replaced During Car Servicing In Dorking

  • Air Filter

The primary task of the car filter is to clean the air combining with fuel and forming a combustible mixture. Foreign bodies are removed before the air enters the engine. These foreign particles eventually make the air filter dirty and clog it up. This reduces the amount of air flowing into the engine and impacts your car’s performance. The mechanic will choose a filter to suit your vehicle.

  • Brake Fluid Flush

The brakes operate on a hydraulic system of pipes and cylinders. When the brake fluid filled in these pipes and cylinders accumulates sediment they become discoloured and cloudy. Such being the situation, it’s time to flush the brake fluid. You will know that there is some issue with the brakes like brake pad wear or leakage if the brake fluid levels drop drastically.

  • Engine Oil And Filter

The service schedule interval of your car is dependent on its make and model. The engine oil and filter are changed by the mechanic you have approached for car service in Dorking. It is advisable to take your car for servicing after your car has run 10,000 to 20,000 km. You might have to check the oil level more frequently if your car as an older engine. Get the replacement done by professionals as the type of engine oil which is being used is very important.

  • Coolant

The internal combustion engine often becomes too hot from the power generated by the engine. The primary task of the coolant is to regulate the engine temperature. The system prevents the engine from overheating, losing its performance and prevent excessive wear. Modern cars use a mixture of water and coolant additive which offer high engine temperature tolerance and possess anti-corrosion properties. The life of the coolant is dependent on the application and should be replaced when necessary.

Since you are now aware of all the car parts which are replaced during car servicing, it’s time you take your vehicle to a reliable professional offering the service.

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