Got Your Car Serviced In Dorking Recently? 4 Things To Check

An impeccable car service experience is something every car owner in Dorking wants. This is why they want to get their expensive vehicle serviced and repaired from the best garage. The primary thing you need to consider is their experience. A company can maintain its reputation only if it can provide high-quality services for years.

Check their credentials and you will know whether they have the license and other legal documentation to verify their qualification. It is not only about choosing the right company for car servicing but you also need to ensure that you are using your money wisely but checking a few vital things after getting your car serviced.

Few Things To Check After Servicing Your Car In Dorking

  • Work Order

Irrespective of the experience or reputation of the garage you are approaching for car servicing, preparing a job sheet is a must. This work order or job sheet is considered to be a medium of communication between the professional servicing your car and the service advisor. If you think that there are a few faults which require extra care, state it clearly in the work order and ensure that all the issues have been attended while taking the delivery.

  • Detailed Bill

Creating a detailed or itemised bill is a must before you give your car for servicing. Not only should it comprise of all the services you are opting for but also the price quoted by your mechanic. Examine the bill minutely after delivery to check that you are only paying for the services you have opted for. If you just wanted an engine oil top-up but has been charged for replacement, it’s time you start looking for another service provider.

  • Odometer Reading

Though you don’t have to worry about odometer reading if you have approached an experienced garage offering car service in Dorking, the reading helps the car owner to find out whether his vehicle has been misused without his knowledge.  Mechanics generally undertake a long test drive if they have replaced the head gasket or the engine has been overhauled.

  • Colour Of Oil

Changing the engine oil is more important than you think as the engine is considered to be the heart of a vehicle. The primary task of the oil is to lubricate the engine and absorb heat. This allows its internal parts to work together without overheating. Not only should you change the engine oil at a frequent basis but even the filter. If you have asked the mechanic to change the engine oil or transmission oil while servicing your car, ensure that the colour of the new oil is light and clean.

Since you are now aware of the few vital points you need to check after getting your car serviced, this is the right time you start looking for renowned mechanics offering the service.

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