Know The Vital Car Parts Checked During The MOT Test

Every car owner is aware of the importance of the MOT test as it ensures that your vehicle is roadworthy in spite of being 3 years old or more. Your car can pass this compulsory annual test after a person examines the exhaust emissions, roadworthiness and safety of your car. They might even forbid you to drive your car until you fix the issue in it if they find that your vehicle has not met the road safety standards or is harmful to the environment.  It will take around an hour to conduct the MOT test during which the person conducting it will examine your car minutely and check that its seatbelts, wheel alignment, lights, mirrors and belts are in good condition.

6 Vital Car Parts The Examiner Checks During The MOT Test

  • Light And Reflectors

The examiner will thoroughly test all the lights including the brake lights, rear lights, reflectors and fog lights. Your car will fail the test if the person notices that the lights and reflectors are not positioned properly or emitting some other colour than they are supposed to.

  • Battery

Since the battery in your car is one of its most vital parts, its overall condition is minutely checked by the examiner conducting the test. They will forbid you from driving your car if they find any issue in it. You can start driving only after the battery has been replaced.

  • Steering And Suspension

Your car’s steering and suspension are also checked by the MOT tester. Your vehicle will fail the test if they can’t move the steering swiftly in all the directions. The suspension is also checked for distortion and corrosion and your car has to meet all the necessary standards.

  • Braking System

The braking system of your vehicle is also checked by the examiner conducting the MOT test. If they notice that the levers, pedals and brakes are not functioning properly or have got damaged completely, the car will fail the test.

  • Tyres

Though you can make your tyres last longer by approaching professionals offering car service in Dorking at fixed intervals, the roadworthiness of the tyres can be identified only after the examiner conducts the MOT test. The minimum tread depth of the tyre should be 1.6mm. They also examine the tyres for wear and tear.

  • Exhaust System And Emissions

The exhaust system is also examined by the person conducting the test to ensure that it is functioning properly. The emissions of the hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are also checked to prevent them from exceeding their legal limit.

Since you are now aware of the vital car parts an examiner checks during the MOT test, it’s time you take your expensive vehicle for car servicing and make them ready for the test.

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