Principal Considerations before the Next MOT of Your Vehicle in 2020

It is said that owning a vehicle is close enough to rear a pet animal, and that is not entirely a joke. A bump here, a bit of jolt there can seem innocent on the surface. But if not repaired immediately at a Dorking car service, can cause enough harm in the long run. Moreover, it can lead to your MOT test failure.

Now, most vehicles need to pass the test to stay on the road, private or otherwise legally. But there are still many questions that you might have as a car owner about MOT. Some of the important ones are addressed here.

MOT – Explained in a few Q-and-As

  1. What exactly is an MOT test?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport test. It is a thorough examination of cars under the Road Traffic Act of 1956, induced in 1960. The test is done annually to check if a vehicle is safe enough to be driven on the road for the riders and the environment as well.

  1. When and why do you need an MOT test?

Your car is presumably roadworthy for the first three years after purchase, but only in case of brand new ones. Once a vehicle has been on the road for more than three years, it has to get MOT tested. According to current laws, it is illegal to drive a car without an MOT license or an expired one and bears a fine of up to £1000. You can, however, be excused by the police if you are carrying proof of a booked MOT appointment. The due date for your car’s MOT test will be mentioned in the previous certificate. There is a one-month grace period for the owner’s convenience.

  1. Where can you get your car MOT-tested?

A wide number of garages in the country are legally licensed to do MOT tests on your car, and any of those can award you with the certificate if your vehicle passes the test.

  1. What points are checked in an MOT test?

Various aspects of a vehicle are checked in the test to determine their functionality:

  • Bodywork and resilience
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust and emissions
  • Head and tail lights and signals
  • Horns
  • Steering control
  • Wheels, axel and tyres
  • Doors and windows
  • Suspension
  • Vehicle identification

MT Motors is your best Dorking car service that will help you keep your car in a flawless condition, so it never fails an MOT.

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