4 Spring Auto Maintenance Tips By Car Servicing Professionals

One of the primary reasons why you should service your car before spring is because the harsh winter weather can take a toll on the performance of your car. It is not only about the potholes but even the road salt, snow and ice can put stress on your expensive car. In some cities, snowstorms and below-zero temperatures are also quite common. Get in touch with a mechanic offering car servicing in spring and they will let you know why this season is the ideal time to wash your car and make your ride safer. If you want to drive your car in summer with complete peace of mind, this is the right time to get it serviced.

Getting Your Car Serviced In Spring? Few Tips For You

  • Check Tyre Alignment And Suspension

Drivers are always advised not to drive over potholes as it can cause a negative impact on the alignment and suspension of your car. You will know that there is a problem with the alignment or suspension if you notice that steering wheel is vibrating or the car pulling to one side while you are driving. How much you have to pay for a wheel alignment is dependent on the garage you are approaching.

  • Change Engine Oil

Though you don’t have to change the engine oil regularly, do it in spring if the last time you changed the oil was before winter. Generally, professionals offering car service suggest their clients to change the oil after their car has run 3000 to 5000 miles. It is not only about changing the engine oil, spring is also the best time to flush the transmission fluid. Not every car owner is aware of the fact that checking the transmission fluid is one of the most neglected services. Unless you flush the fluid at fixed intervals, repairing or replacing the transmission can punch a hole in your pocket.

  • Rotate The Tyres And Check Pressure

Professionals offering car servicing in Leatherhead will rotate the tyres and check the air pressure. This will give them the assurance that your car is safe for driving. Though you can try a DIY to check the air pressure, they have advanced tools and equipment to complete the task with least hassles. The condition of your tyres will determine the handling, traction, ride and safety of your car.

  • Get Rid Of Leftover Salt

Salt is often sprayed on the streets during winter to melt the snow and ice. Though they are not quite harmful, excessive salt can cause serious damage to the undercarriages of your car. The metals can rust which will compromise the driver’s safety. You can remove the leftover salt by taking your car to a garage offering professional car wash. Reputed garages use high-quality sprayers which are specially designed to clean the undercarriage.

These being said, it’s time you follow the spring car maintenance tips stated above and ensuring the safety and performance of your car will become easier.

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