Talk on the Top Techniques to Repair a Bumper

A damage in the bumper is one of the most typical damages occurring to a car body. So, here is a brief on the issue that leads any car owner frequently to the garage for car body repairs in Leatherhead.  You often forget to be careful as the car is in reverse motion and hence end up with the bumper hitting a lamppost or a bollard. Minor bumper damages come up as dent, a cracked bumper, or just a small scuff to the paintwork. Such jobs are often overlooked, but that is not a good thing to do. You must take care of all the damages on the first place as a  dent, crack, or scratch look very unsightly on your car and can pose a risk to your safety quotient.

Why repairing the bumper forms an essential part of the car body repair?

Resale Value

The value of the vehicle diminishes favourably if the damage in the bumper is noticeable enough. As they are put on sale by an individual or a dealership, they give rise to suspicion on the buyer’s part that there are other damages in the car as well which are not visible to the eyes quickly. So, it is wise to get the bumper repaired before it is offered for sale.


Cars bear bumpers to absorb the impact of a collision on the front or back of the vehicle. Even if it is just superficial damage, it can have a detrimental effect on the bumper. So,  it is better to visit a specialist in car body repair in Leatherhead. The contemporary Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS includes sensors attached to the bumpers, and they help in parking or general driving. Still, a driver must always rely more on his/her intuition or sixth sense than these modern devices as that can lead to further accidental damages.

Bumper Scrape

It is never good to look at a scratch on the bumper. It affects the vehicle’s appearance to a great extent. They diminish the resale value to a great extent. So, it would help if you took all the necessary actions to repair the scratch on the bumper to keep up its vibrant look.

Bumper Dent

There are two ways to repair a dent in the bumper. A car body repair specialist will be able to advise on the right technique based on the nature of the cut. It can be either mend by putting filler and painted professionally. If there is no damage in the paint, then a Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) will be a great option.

Cracked Bumper

If the damage is minor like a small crack, then get the help of a professional repair specialist to sand down the damaged area and then put a fresh coat of paint on it. A good job done can even save you the cost of a new bumper.

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